Sunday, July 22, 2018

ملف لتحقيق الاحلام 💖

كثيرا منا يريدون ان يغيروا بحياتهم ! ولكن الكثير منا ايضا لا يعلم كيف !  
أنا اليوم سأحاول ان أساعدكم بهذا الموضوع !
عليكم أن تشاهدوا هذا الفيديوا بالبداية و بعديها اقراوا الملفات

أطبعوا الملفات في الاسفل لكي تكسبوا الطاقة الايجابية 💖

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hell Pore Clean Up Mask **REVIEW**

hey ! so I got this mask from stylekorean I was really scared from this mask because the word "HELL" kinda sounds like its going to hurt heheh 
but iam pretty happy with the results it didnt hurt much as i thought it would and Iam pretty happy with this mask 

(this is the product)

 (I washed my face then I added the mask on my nose and under my eyes .after uploading the video a lot of my viewers advised me to not put this under my eyes since it is a fragile area  , I kept on the product for 20 minutes but you can keep it on for 15-20 minutes and I think it started  drying within the first 5 minutes so that was GREAT ! <3   )

( when it got dry I peeled off the mask from down to up so that it can get rid of the white and black heads and let me tell you it does hurt a bit but not as much as i thought it would it was like adding ductape on to your skin and taking it off slowly so pain would be a 2*and a half* form a 5)

so i couldnt tell much about the black heads since the color of the mask is black but i did notice is got rid of some white heads and to tell you the truth I love this mask ! i will be using this once a week for my skin care routine because it did soften my skin after using it my nose felt like a babies booty <3 

if you want to watch the whole video of me trying out this mask here it is 
(do know it is in Arabic but i have English subtitles all you have to do is click on the CC)


If you want to check out the product 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pictures of the week

   so I was out this week and didnt take many pics but these are the ones that I could take ! ^_^ 
hope you like them I posted a few of them on instagram Insta: @hushlist  and on my facebook fashion account : hannahlookbook !

Thursday, March 9, 2017

korean products I will be reviewing soon ^_^

Okay so I just ordered a few things for my youtube channel that i will be reviewing and showing swatches ! :D and yes they are lipsticks ! WOOHOO !! 

since I loved the items from I said I need to try more items 
and that is what iam doing I know as an online shopper how hard it is to know what colors would look like on my skin so I really wanted to help out in this struggle so that is why iam going to be doing some swatches on my youtube channel 

 if you want to check them out here are the items I will be swatching soon <3 



Sunday, January 29, 2017

my new half pink half blonde hair

hey !! 
Iam back ! I have not done a blog for a while 
but Iam pumped right now to post more blogs so be prepared !

so , I got my hair bleached a few weeks ago and i love it the only thing that Iam not liking about this hair look is the roots the hairdresser said it was best to not dye the roots but iam thinking about dying the roots to an ash blond color ! so yeah thats pretty much it for now ! 
I posted a few pictures I edited on to my Instagram account you guys can check them out on my Instagram account : @hushlist 

to end this blog I will be posting soon about the makeup I got from stylekorean
 I will be also editing and posting many more pictures since Iam loving this whole take a picture of me thing heheh 
and last but not least I wil be posting what are the things I would like to do this year so I can stay motivated and I hope you guys can post a few of your bucket lists so that I can get inspired as well ! <3 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

time to be peach

hello dears i just loved my look this week so i wanted to post a little look book 
since winter is coming really fast i wore this the other day
and im in love with the color if you want me to post more about it go ahead 
and write in the comment box